Roofing Trends in 2017

With color being an instant trend-setter, we definitely expected to see that on the list. Shingles are becoming more versatile, especially with the seemingly endless color options. However, did you know that people seem to be more willing to shell out the cash for premium-style shingles? Recently we’ve been in a more economical mindset, mostly focusing on price-efficient options alone. Now, it seems consumers are more likely to buy the well-priced and better quality products because they’re realizing that prices aren’t always the best sell point.

Unfortunately, imitations of great products (universally) are easy to make. That means it’s easy to sell a good-looking project that performs below average and it can really screw up the original idea you know..the one where you actually put money into a company’s services and they follow through with said promised services (and hopefully high quality materials.)

If you’re ever curious about what type of shingles match your siding color or just want someone’s opinion, we’d be glad to hear from you! Give Infinity Roofing a call for shingle suggestions and other options like new siding, gutter clearing or repair, and more!


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