What To Expect When Your Roof Is Damaged By Fire

No one ever plans for their home to catch on fire, and when it does it’s incredibly fast and destructive. Well, we’re here to talk about what you should expect after the initial shock and having gathered all important items you’ll need for insurance claims.

You’ll notice that not everything is burnt, however, almost everything will have been touched by a dark, smokey soot.and your home may even have some new holes from firefighters. While this can seem frustrating, there are a few local restoration companies we wor,k with that can help you to restore the inside of your home.We do urge that if you are entering your home before this stage, yet after the fire, to please take serious caution. Breathing in the fumes and soot and unstable structures can both be major hazards to your health. Your restoration company should help you to relocate if you must, or you can always contact the American Red Cross or Salvation Army who will help you find whatever items you need to survive, including the very basics.

You’ll want to contact your Insurance company immediately – from there they will tell you the information that they need to take care of your claim. They’ll often suggest the local companies that they work with and that are trustworthy to their clients. (Ask them about Infinity Roofing for any roof repairs.)

Here is some of the information we gathered from the FEMA website:



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