Fall Roof Maintenance

Chilly temperatures and gusty winds are on their way as fall approaches Memphis!
We like to suggest a few things for homeowners to look at when they do their seasonal tour of their home. Taking a little bit of time to make changes or notice the true condition of your roof can help you prevent bigger problems down the road.

  • Notice the ground around your home. Are there pieces of broken shingles? If you end up finding them, it’s a good idea to take a closer look at your roof or call a professional to inspect your roof.
  • Are there signs of insects? Some areas are unfortunately prone to home-damaging insects that can easily infest and quickly destroy parts of your home. Look for soft, rotten spots or sawdust-looking wood in an otherwise solid area.
  • Keep those gutters clean! Letting leaves, water, and tree debris stick around in your gutters can increase the potential for stagnant water and extra weight. Check for gaps and breaks in the gutter to avoid flow interruptions.
  • Look for signs of animals, too. Small rodents love our warm attics and would love to take up permanent residency. However, we want to avoid that at all costs. Check for small holes outside and animal feces inside. This can not only cause physical damage to your home, but the air you breathe is being contaminated as well.
  • Trim your trees back away from your roof. While the shade may feel convenient, storms (especially here in Memphis) have serious wind power After a long bout of rain, wind can knock over trees and branches can come down with ease.

Scheduling a professional roof inspection if you notice any of these problems is the best route to take. Infinity understand the potential damage and just how it can be prevented or repaired. If you have any questions about your roof health, don’t hesitate to call us!