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Water Damage Prevention

Gutters give your roof a longer life span by collecting and keeping the excess debris (and water!) off of them! Ensuring they’re maintained is crucial if you’re looking to protect your roof and potentially your home!

At the first sign of a leak you should contact Infinity Roofing. Moisture is not your home’s friend. It’s not good in the air, it’s not good sitting around on materials, and it can cause a serious mold hazard if you haven’t looked into the source of the moisture. We offer free inspections and a free quote to anyone in the Memphis area.

Don’t Wait

The buildup of debris, leaves, and water on your roof can cause moss growth, mold, rotting, and eventually major open areas. Don’t let your roof get out of hand – call us as soon as you notice a change.

Installing new and updated gutters can help you out even more by saving you money in the long run – new gutters are aluminum and it doesn’t rust like galvanized steel. It’s lighter, and if you’re purchasing the seamless style, you can be sure that there will be no leaks. .